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Amy & Mike : Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Amy and Mike were the best couple to welcome 2014 with! We met them down at the Art’s Factory and had some quick drinks. I too decided to have a drink which after not having any alcohol for almost a year since Caleb was just born in December, I became somewhat of a lightweight. I am proud to say that this was my first shoot that I was completely drunk while working and Amy and Mike completely encouraged it. So, they’re pretty awesome. I should clarify that Mike was the one shooting while I held lights and posed them but hey, how many people can say that the person they are working for paid for and wanted them to be intoxicated while working? Coolest job ever. We all had laughs and good times hanging out in the Art’s District before heading down to Fremont Street.

They have a pretty great story of how they met:
“Amy likes to say that we met at the worst party of all time. Amy was in law school in Minnesota and went to New York for the first time with her roommate. Her roommate was going to NYC to see a guy she was interested in. That guy had a small dinner party at his apartment in the East Village so that his friends could meet this woman he was interested in. His apartment was tiny, and once everyone was there and seated at a table he’d set up in his living room, it was virtually impossible to move around. Amy was trapped at the table between a conversation about someone’s mom’s cancer (not a conversation to jump on into) and a conversation about Russian literature (boring). So Amy drank a lot of wine. Mike was one of the friends at the party, but he was trapped on the other side of the table politely nodding and smiling about whatever the woman next to him was talking about. Eventually Mike got himself out of that conversation and moved over to the computer and switched the really terrible jazz that was playing to Elvis. Amy’d had enough wine by that time so she decided she needed to talk to the guy who just played Elvis. We learned we both love Elvis and share the same birthday. We spent the rest of the weekend together, and have been together ever since.”

One more note: any time a couple tells us how “terrible” they are taking photos, I laugh and say, “Challenge Accepted.” These guys included made for a great shoot and a super fun time. Congrats A & M!

Hair and Make-up: Francesca Lombardo at Bobbie Pin Beauty

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2013 Recap : Las Vegas Wedding Photography

A little late but we are just now getting a chance to recap how badass our 2013 really was. We are so privileged to work with some truly amazing people every year and 2013 was no different. We had the chance to shoot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, San Francisco, California and Southern California as well. We went from hotels to ghost towns, deserts and B&B’s. Blonde and blue haired brides and bearded and long haired grooms. It was such a wild ride for us and here is to 2014 being legend- wait for it.

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Brittany & Joe : Offbeat Las Vegas Wedding Photography at the Smith Center

This was a very special wedding because the unthinkable happened the day beforehand…Courtney went into labor. More on that later.

Brittany and Joe came in from Alaska to get married in a freaking awesome Vegas wedding originally planned to be on the bridge at New York, New York. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the wedding, Brittany found out that there would be construction on the bridge so that couldn’t happen. So, there these guys were a few weeks before their big day scrambling to find a ceremony location before finally finding the Pipe Dream sculpture outside of the Smith Center. They were able to secure it and then they were off. The day before the wedding Mike met with them at Fremont Street for a day before session. This was the day all hell broke loose with Courtney being in the hospital so our awesome friend Luis Godinez came in via emergency from Orange County to help shoot the wedding the following day. On the wedding day, they all started at the Cosmopolitan for some getting ready photos and a first look before heading to the Smith Center for the ceremony. They were married by Elvis in front of close family and friends before heading off for photos on a party bus, ending at the Vegas sign.

How these love birds met as told by Brittany:
“I was a waitress at a seasonal seafood restaurant in Seward, AK. He came in and ordered a steak (I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years) which apparently was over-cooked. Instead of complaining about it he was really passive aggressive and just didn’t eat it. I had to tell my manager this guy was an asshole, but that they should take it off of his bill. I ran into him a few weeks later and told him he was the only customer I’ve had all summer who I didn’t like. The rest is history.”

And their Engagement story (One of the best we’ve had.):
“Truthfully, he got drunk and down on one knee at a dive bar in the town we live in. He posted it on Facebook before I even got the chance to tell my parents. He is a real charmer.”

Congrats to you B & J and thanks for being so awesome. Joe definitely wins best beard of 2013!

Hair & Make-up: Francesca Lombardo at Bobbie Pin Beauty
Ceremony: Pipe Dreams at The Smith Center

Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding001Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding002Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding003Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding004Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding005Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding006Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding007Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding008Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding009Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding010Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding011Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding012Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding013Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding014Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding015Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding016Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding017Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding018Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding019Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding020Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding021Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding022Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding023Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding024Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding025Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding026Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding027Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding028Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding029Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding030Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding031Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding032Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding033Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding034Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding035Pipe Dream Offbeat Wedding036

Juliana & Brad : Offbeat Southern California Wedding Photography at Sacred Sands B&B in Joshua Tree

This couple wins for the coolest desert wedding of the year! The location could not have been more amazing and we can only hope that the pictures do this wedding justice.

Juliana and Brad are some of the most down to Earth people that you could ever meet. We had met up with them in June at their house for their e-session so we had a chance to learn what makes them tick as a couple. This made for such an easy and fun photo shoot on the wedding day. (One of many reasons that we encourage engagement photos.) The morning of the wedding we met up with these guys at Think Tank which is a small house in the middle of nowhere. The original plan was to head into the Joshua Tree National Park for photos in the caves and other cool places but their wedding weekend happened to fall right in the middle of the government shutdown. Lame sauce. It ended up working out though because there was more than enough great scenery around Think Tank and we finished up photos at Sacred Sands before the ceremony. Upon arrival at Sacred Sands, everything looked gorgeous. The wedding planners, Laura and Megan from Rebel Belle Weddings were the most kick ass planners Mike and I have ever worked with. They really put together the dream team of vendors and the day went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and then onto the reception which could be best described in one word; food. So. Much. Food. And interesting food at that. Rattlesnake, anyone? There was also a ten piece jazz band that stole the show. The night was incredible. At the very end we were able to steal these guys for a photo with the stars to complete this breathtaking evening.

Congrats J & B! Much happiness to the both of you!

Hair and Make-up: Jessica deBen
Wedding Planner: Rebel Belle Weddings
Ceremony & Reception: Sacred Sands Bed and Breakfast
Dress: Dolly Couture
Flowers: Flowers by Leah
Cake: Some Crust
DJ: Milestone Entertainment

Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding001Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding002Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding003Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding004Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding005Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding006Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding007Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding008Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding009Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding010Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding011Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding012Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding013Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding014Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding015Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding016Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding017Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding018Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding019Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding020Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding021Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding022Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding023Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding024Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding025Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding026Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding027Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding028Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding029Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding030Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding031Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding032Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding033Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding034Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding035Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding036Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding037Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding038Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding039Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding040Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding041Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding042Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding043Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding044Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding045Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding046Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding047Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding048Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding049Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding050Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding051Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding052Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding053Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding054Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding055Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding056Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding057Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding058Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding059Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding060Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding061Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding062Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding063Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding064Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding065Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding066Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding067Sacred Sands Joshua Tree Wedding068

Courtney & Jason : Offbeat Las Vegas Wedding Photography in Downtown Las Vegas

Oh, Courtney and Jason. These two are the epitome of Cool Kids. From start to finish, I just had a straight up crush on these guys. Haha (This is Courtney writing btw.) Anyway, we met up with Courtney first and got to have a chat before she began hair and make-up and I knew immediately that we had bonded. She is hilarious and I like to think it goes with the name. Mike took over photos during h&m and I went ahead with the details. First off, check out those shoes! Holy shiz those shoes had a heel on them! But they kicked some serious ass. Then her gorgeous dress with the blue petticoat…everything was complete once she had her red lipstick. We did their first look in the hotel room before we headed over to the Art’s District for some portraits of the two of them. These guys have what they call, “Zombie face” which was a must-do for photos. It definitely created some fun moments. Following photos we went to The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for their ceremony. This chapel allows outside photographers everyone! Plus they have different chapels if you are looking for a themed ceremony. C & J went for the diner theme and it fit the look of everything perfectly. After the ceremony we bid these guys adieu as they went to their reception at the Border Grill.

How this lovely couple came to be:
“Oh, it’s the age old story of a chef and restaurant hostess matchup. Boy and girl meet, girl is scared of boy for a year because he yells at her one night during the dinner rush, boy and girl have drinks in a dive bar where girl follows boy into men’s bathroom to steal their first kiss. 7 years and lots of dogs later, here we are!”

Their awesome proposal story:
“Given our background in restaurants and our love of food, Jason had planned to involve these elements in some way. I got home from work in July 2011 and he had made an awesome meal topped off with brownies for dessert. After dinner, I went to get one of these brownies but Jason jumped up and said “No, no, let me get you one”. After informing him that I was perfectly capable of getting my own brownie from the kitchen that was 20 feet away, he still insisted. A few bites in, I bit down on something hard and low and behold there was the ring: a gorgeous handcrafted palladium and moissanite solitaire. I believe there was some swearing involved but it was definitely happy swearing.”

Courtney and Jason, you guys kick so much ass I can’t even begin to tell you. A huge congrats and hopefully you guys make it out here again soon so we can hang!

Hair and Make-up: Francesca Lombardo at Bobbie Pin Beauty
Ceremony: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Reception: Border Grill
Bouquets: Handmade by the Bride, her sisters and the Groom
Dress: Dolly Couture

Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding001Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding002Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding003Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding004Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding005Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding006Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding007Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding008Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding009Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding010Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding011Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding012Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding013Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding014Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding015Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding016Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding017Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding018Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding019Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding020Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding021Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding022Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding023Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding024Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding025Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding026Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding027Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding028Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding029Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding030Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding031Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding032Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding033Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding034Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding035Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding036Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding037Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding038Offbeat Downtown Las Vegas Wedding039